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Welcome to Zooork.

Zooork is a new free dating app.

Zooork is a completely new dating app. Friendliness is top priority at Zooork.
A contact request should be answered promptly, positively or negatively.
Create a profile. Dating takes time.
Information also under the "Basics" tab.
The use of Zooork is at your own risk!
No pictures with very erotic content are allowed, these profile applications are rejected.
There is a picture space for each profile. Zooork is not a picture book. Choose the profile picture.
Zooork offers that profile image with a decent copyright.

Meaning of the colour sign

There are colored characters under the profile number.

The red circle: This is a new profile.
The orange circle: Meaning the profile has an extended profile created.
The yellow circle: Means the profile has sent a picture with a requested object in hand, sent to view.
The green circle: means the profile has confirmed itself with a document / copy of the ID card as real.
Achieving the green circle is the prerequisite for a long time to be able to use Zooork!

Profile Registration

After the registration, the profile is created in the sandbox (only in the country).
If the profile is complete it is included in the app.

Profile is completely removed from Zooork.

In the case of reported insults, the profile of the user is removed close to the time.
Repeated not answering contact requests, is also not acceptable, that profile is in a minimal time completly removed.
At Zooork there will be no indication when which user is online!

You want full profile removal?

When removing the profile, all data will also be deleted.
Use the "Profile Removal" link. Fill out and submit the contact form.
The profile is completely removed near time. The profile can be reactivated after removal, not again!

E-mail and messages

Create your own e-mail address to use Zooork.
This e-mail address is also the access to the contact function!
Never distribute this e-mail address to other users, if distribute another!
Always write free of charge using the contact form.

What is stored, at Zooork no big question!

In a "Profiles" directory, the data for each profile in a further subdirectory, e.g. "Profile-1" saved!
This directory has no Internet access! (external hard drive)


What will be saved for the time of registration ?:
1. Name (To make contact)
2. The profile image (for the website / app)
3. The email address (To make contact)
4. The entries from the registration are not saved, they are only registered in the profile!

Zooork thanks for the great interest and the letters!

Zooork is not interested in:

1. To be advertised on websites for payment from us.
1. To be view advertised or in newspapers for payment by us.

Zooork asks to stop all these inquiries, thanks.

See also the "Tips & Security" tab.